Our purpose is to generate attractive, risk adjusted returns for our investors and partners, with open book integrity.

MF&P projects are designed to be at the cutting edge of occupier, guest and investor environmental and social demands, making a positive impact on society every day.

Environmentally Conscious Approach

As real estate investors, we believe in taking an environmentally conscious approach and when developing or refurbishing our buildings, we strive to always consider this whilst also creating healthier spaces for the people who occupy them.

For example, within our UK office investments, we maximise the space available for bicycles and electric scooters, incorporating charging stands, repair stations and very high-quality shower and changing facilities. We make our floorplates efficient and flexible, with a focus on both timeless design and the latest touch free and energy efficiency technology. For interior design and fit-out, we actively source products and materials from within a 100-mile radius and use sustainable, naturally anti-microbial materials such as brass where possible.

Philanthropic Activities

Philanthropic activities have principally been facilitated through two Charitable Companies; The Mactaggart Third Fund established in 1968 and the Ian Mactaggart Trust which was established in 1984.

Alongside these long-established trusts there are a number of other organisations that support the family’s philanthropic endeavours.

In 2003, the present Sir John Mactaggart commissioned a review of the current housing needs in London, and as a result of the findings established Commonweal Housing. The charity seeks to test and develop innovate housing solutions to Social Injustice and is widely recognised as a pioneering and industry leading organisation in the sector. The name is taken from the family motto of “For Commonweal and Liberty” ie. for the common good and for freedom. In 2020, Jack Mactaggart, the Great-Great Grandson of Western Heritable’s founder, took over the Chairmanship of Commonweal.

Kulen Outreach is a US registered non-profit that provides support and quality education to children via a Campus and two schools in the Siem Reap region of Cambodia. The organisation was established and is principally supported by Philip Mactaggart.

The Health Navigator foundation is a US registered non-profit that provides accommodation and holistic support to heart transplant patients in America. The charity was established following the experience of double organ transplant recipient Sir John Mactaggart.

In addition, a particular focus has been placed on supporting initiatives where the family have a strong geographical connection. On the Scottish Isle of Islay, notable support has been given to the local pool and gymnasium, the establishment of a community centre and more recently a social housing scheme to encourage young local families to live on the island.

In the Bahamas, the family have long supported the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park and have been engaged with helping to rebuild on the islands in the Abacos damaged by Hurricane Dorian.

Arts and Culture are supported broadly throughout the family but championed by the Rt Hon Fiona Mactaggart who was MP for Slough for 20 years and currently Chairs the Omnibus Theatre. She was previously Chair of the Fawcett Society and Agenda.

Whilst not intended to be exhaustive, the above aim to capture the spirit of philanthropy which is so central to the Mactaggart family.


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